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David Hosack

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David Hosack (1769-1835) earned a medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1791. From 1795-1825, he held several professorships at what is now Columbia University. Hosack was an advocate of small pox vaccination and described the symptoms of yellow fever. In 1801, he founded the first botanical garden in the U.S. near New York as well as the NY Horticultural Society. He also founded the Humane Society; co-founded Bellevue Hospital (NY); and was co-founder of the NY Historical Society, where he served as President from 1820-27. He was devoted to educating doctors in caring for women and children. Hosack retired from practice in 1829.

Bronzed copper. United States. Undated, but about 1830. Signed. Lifetime.
34 mm
Moritz Furst, or Fuerst (1782-1840), American medalist and engraver
Nude bust to right, the hair brushed upwards; in a curve at left and right, DAVID HOSACK M. D. [the periods, a dot-in-circle] ; along edge at right of truncation, FURST. F.
A short column and multitude of art and science emblems: lyre, spade, staff of Aesculapius, mounted sphere, bust, mallet and chisel, palette with brushes, notebook, square and compass; in a curve at top, ARTS AND SCIENCE; in exergue, in a curve, FURST F.
Freeman 248; Storer 1604