SAGE Anatomic Viewer (SAV)

What you can do:
Find relative expression of a given gene in normal and malignant tissues throughout the human body.
  • The SAGE Anatomic Viewer displays gene expression in human normal and malignant tissues by shading each organ in one of ten colors, each representing a different level of gene expression.
  • Gene expression levels are based on the analysis of counts of SAGE tags, which are either "short" (10 bp), including "extracted short" (10 bp extracted from 17bp tag), or "long" (17 bp).
  • Other visual displays accessed through the Anatomic Viewer page are the Digital Northern (gene expression per individual library) and the Ludwig Transcript Viewer (showing shorter alternative polyadenylated and internally primed transcripts).
  • CGAP
  • Serial analysis of gene expression
  • tissue gene expressions
  • SAGE data
  • SAGE tags
  • human tissue gene expression
  • malignant tissue expression
  • digital Northern
Literature & Tutorials:
Info Link: SAV online help
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