CDD -- Conserved Domain Database

What you can do:
Identify conserved domain in a protein sequence.
  • CDD is a collection of multiple sequence alignments and derived database search models, which represent protein domains conserved in molecular evolution.
  • The collection is part of NCBI's Entrez query and retrieval system.
  • CDD provides annotation of domain footprints and conserved functional sites on protein sequences.
  • Precalculated domain annotation can be retrieved for protein sequences tracked in NCBI's Entrez system, and CDD's collection of models can be queried with novel protein sequences via the CD-Search service at
  • Starting with the latest version of CDD, v2.14, information from redundant and homologous domain models is summarized at a superfamily level, and domain annotation on proteins is flagged as either 'specific' (identifying molecular function with high confidence) or as 'non-specific' (identifying superfamily membership only).
  • conserved domains
  • protein domain alignments
  • protein domains
  • protein motifs
  • protein families
  • proteins structures
  • domain architecture
  • protein annotation tool
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