NMT -- The MYR Predictor

What you can do:
Analyze proteins for the presence of N-terminal N-myristoylation site.
  • Generally, the enzyme NMT requires an N-terminal glycine (leading methionines are cleaved prior to myristoylation). However, also internal glycines may become N-terminal as a result of proteolytic processing of proproteins. If you know about a potential cleavage site where a glycine might become N-terminal, you can use the second option and supply the corresponding sequence fragment. If you are not sure, use the default option that detects sequence similarity to verified cleavage sites in the learning set.
  • MyristoylCoA:Protein N-Myristoyltransferase
  • N-Myristoyltransferase
  • protein cleavage sites
  • myristoylation
  • Myristoylation sites
  • Myristoylation sites predictions
  • protein modifications
  • post-translational modifications
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