TAIR -- The Arabidopsis Information Resource

What you can do:
A model organism database for the fully sequenced and intensively studied model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • Data in TAIR is derived in large part from manual curation of the Arabidopsis research literature and direct submissions from the research community.
  • New developments at TAIR include the addition of the GBrowse genome viewer to the TAIR site, a redesigned home page, navigation structure and portal pages to make the site more intuitive and easier to use, the launch of several TAIR web services and a new genome annotation release (TAIR7) in April 2007.
  • A combination of manual and computational methods were used to generate this release, which contains 27,029 protein-coding genes, 3889 pseudogenes or transposable elements and 1123 ncRNAs (32,041 genes in all, 37,019 gene models).
  • A total of 681 new genes and 1002 new splice variants were added.
  • Overall, 10,098 loci (one-third of all loci from the previous TAIR6 release) were updated for the TAIR7 release.
  • Arabidopsis genomic data warehouse
  • Arabidopsis genome
  • Arabidopsis thaliana genome
  • Arabidopsis proteome
  • Arabidopsis microarray data
  • Arabidopsis metabolic pathways
  • Arabidopsis polymorphisms
  • Arabidopsis germplasms
  • Arabidopsis phenotypes
  • physical maps
  • gene annotations
  • seeds
  • research community
  • DNA stocks
  • lab protocols
  • genome annotation
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