BIND -- The Biomolecular Interaction Network Database

What you can do:
Find biomolecular interaction, complex and pathway information.
  • BIND is a collection of records documenting molecular interactions, including high-throughput data submissions and hand-curated information gathered from the scientific literature.
  • A BIND record represents an interaction between two or more objects that is believed to occur in a living organism. A biological object can be a protein, DNA, RNA, ligand, molecular complex, gene, photon or an unclassified biological entity.
  • BIND records are created for interactions which have been shown experimentally and published in at least one peer-reviewed journal. A record also references any papers with experimental evidence that support or dispute the associated interaction.
  • Data from the PDB and a number of large-scale interaction and complex mapping experiments using yeast two hybrid, mass spectrometry, genetic interactions and phage display are added.
  • A new graphical analysis tool provides users with a view of the domain composition of proteins in interaction and complex records to help relate functional domains to protein interactions.
  • The BIND database was updated in Nov. 2004 with a new web site: New BIND Web Site.
  • protein-protein Interactions
  • protein domains
  • DNA-binding complexes
  • Signal Transduction Pathways
  • high throughput interactions
  • two hybrid screens
  • immunoprecipitations
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: BIND
PubMed Link on the updated BIND (v. 3.6): BIND 2004 UPDATE
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