HPRD -- Human Protein Reference Database

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A database of curated proteomic information pertaining to human proteins.
  • All the information in HPRD has been manually extracted from the literature by expert biologists who read, interpret and analyze the published data.
  • 2009 changes include PhosphoMotif Finder, which allows users to find the presence of over 320 experimentally verified phosphorylation motifs in proteins of interest.
  • Another new feature is a protein distributed annotation system--Human Proteinpedia (http://www.humanproteinpedia.org/)--through which laboratories can submit their data, which is mapped onto protein entries in HPRD.
  • Over 75 laboratories involved in proteomics research have already participated in this effort by submitting data for over 15,000 human proteins.
  • The submitted data includes mass spectrometry and protein microarray-derived data, among other data types.
  • HPRD is also linked to a compendium of human signaling pathways developed by NetPath (http://www.netpath.org/) which currently contains annotations for several cancer and immune signaling pathways.
  • Since the last update, more than 5500 new protein sequences have been added, making HPRD a comprehensive resource for studying the human proteome.
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