EASED -- extended alternatively spliced EST database

What you can do:
Search for alternative splice forms (ASforms) from nine eukaryotic organisms; calculate of the tissue-NAEs, tissue-NCEs and tissue-NSS in human genome.
  • The database contains alternative splice forms (ASforms) for nine eukaryotic organisms.
  • It defines the alternative splice profile of each human sequence to indicate the number of alternatively spliced ESTs (NAE), the number of constitutively spliced ESTs (NCE) as well as the number of alternative splice sites (NSS) per mRNA.
  • It allows estimation of tissue specificity of certain ASforms.
  • alternative splice
  • alternative splicing event
  • intron
  • introns
  • exon
  • ASforms
  • tissue-NAE
  • tissue-NCE
  • tissue-NSS
  • eukaryotic genome
  • human genome
  • alternatively spliced ESTs
  • tissue specificity
  • alternative splice profiles
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: EASED
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