SMART -- Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool

What you can do:
Use this tool to identify and annotate protein domains.
  • SMART is an online tool for the identification and annotation of protein domains.
  • It provides a user-friendly platform for the exploration and comparative study of domain architectures in both proteins and genes.
  • The current release of SMART contains manually curated models for 784 protein domains.
  • Recent developments were focused on further data integration and improving user friendliness.
  • The underlying protein database based on completely sequenced genomes was greatly expanded and now includes 630 species, compared to 191 in the previous release.
  • As an initial step towards integrating information on biological pathways into SMART, our domain annotations were extended with data on metabolic pathways and links to several pathways resources.
  • The interaction network view was completely redesigned and is now available for more than 2 million proteins.
  • In addition to the standard web access to the database, users can now query SMART using distributed annotation system (DAS) or through a simple object access protocol (SOAP) based web service.
  • protein domains
  • protein domain analysis tool
  • protein motifs
  • protein structures
  • protein annotations
  • protein domain annotation
  • protein domain architectures
  • intronx96exon structure
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