KinG -- A Database of Protein Kinases in Genomes

What you can do:
To retrieve amino acid sequences, functional domain assignments and classification of gene products containing protein kinase domains.
  • It is a comprehensive collection of serine/threonine/tyrosine-specific kinases and their homologues identified in various completed genomes.
  • Tools to enable searching with specified subfamily and domain combinations or identify a kinase catalytic domains in the query sequences
  • Another exclusive feature is the collection of the Ser/Thr/Tyr protein kinases and similar sequences encoded in the genomes of archaea and bacteria.
  • kinases
  • serine kinase
  • threonine kinase
  • tyrosine kinase
  • catalytic residues
  • protein kinases
  • kinase domains
  • protein domains
  • catalytic kinase domains
Literature & Tutorials:
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