KNOTTIN -- the knottin or inhibitor cystine knot scaffold

What you can do:
Search for dynamically generated tabular reports or sequence alignments for knottin three-dimensional structures or sequences.
  • The KNOTTIN database provides standardized information on the small disulfide-rich proteins with a knotted topology called knottins or inhibitor cystine knots.
  • Static pages present the essential historical or recent results about knottin discoveries, sequences, structures, syntheses, folding, functions, applications and bibliography.
  • New tools, KNOTER3D and KNOTER1D, are provided to determine or predict if a user query (3D structure or sequence) is a knottin.
  • These tools are now used to automate the database update.
  • All knottin structures and sequences in the database are now standardized according to the knottin nomenclature based on loop lengths between knotted cysteines, and to the knottin numbering scheme.
  • Therefore, the whole KNOTTIN database (sequences and structures) can now be searched using loop lengths, in addition to keyword and sequence (BLAST, HMMER) searches.
  • Renumbered and structurally fitted knottin PDB files are available for download as well as renumbered sequences, sequence alignments and logos.
  • The knottin numbering scheme is used for automatic drawing of standardized two-dimensional Colliers de Perles of any knottin structure or sequence in the database or provided by the user.
  • knottin
  • cystine knots
  • protein structures
  • protein engineering
  • drug design
  • inhibitor cystine knots
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