MEROPS -- the Peptidase Database

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To search for information on peptidases,sequences and classifications, and their natural inhibitors.
  • The MEROPS database aims to fulfil the need for an integrated source of information about peptidases, their substrates and inhibitors.
  • The database has a hierarchical classification in which homologous sets of peptidases and protein inhibitors are grouped into protein species, which are grouped into families, which are in turn grouped into clans.
  • The classification framework is used for attaching information at each level.
  • An important focus of the database has become distinguishing one peptidase from another through identifying the specificity of the peptidase in terms of where it will cleave substrates and with which inhibitors it will interact.
  • Over 39,000 known cleavage sites in proteins, peptides and synthetic substrates have been collected.
  • These allow us to display peptidase specificity and alignments of protein substrates to give an indication of how well a cleavage site is conserved, and thus its probable physiological relevance.
  • peptidases
  • peptidase inhibitors
  • proteases
  • protease inhibitors
  • proteinases
  • proteolytic enzymes
  • peptidase ETS
  • protease structures
  • protease classifications
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