MetaCyc -- A Multiorganism Database of Metabolic Pathways and Enzymes

What you can do:
Search information on biological pathways and enzymes in different organisms (mainly plants and microbes).
  • MetaCyc is a universal database of metabolic pathways and enzymes from all domains of life.
  • The pathways in MetaCyc are curated from the primary scientific literature, and are experimentally determined small-molecule metabolic pathways.
  • Each reaction in a MetaCyc pathway is annotated with one or more well-characterized enzymes.
  • Because MetaCyc contains only experimentally elucidated knowledge, it provides a uniquely high-quality resource for metabolic pathways and enzymes.
  • MetaCyc has over 1400 pathways.
  • enzymes
  • enzyme genes
  • biological pathways
  • metabolic pathway data warehouse
  • metabolic pathway knowledgebase
  • metabolic pathways
  • metabolic network prediction tool
  • enzymatic reactions
  • metabolic engineering
  • ligands
  • plant pathways
  • microbial pathways
  • photosynthetic pathway
  • enzyme inhibitors
  • enzyme cofactors
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