MitoProteome -- Mitochondrial Protein Sequence Database and Annotation System

What you can do:
Search for annotated mitochondrial protein sequences.
  • The 2004 release contains 847 human mitochondrial protein sequences.
  • Each sequence is manually annotated with primary function, subfunction and subcellular location, and extensively annotated in an automated process with data extracted from external databases, including gene information from LocusLink and Ensembl; disease information from OMIM; proteinx96protein interaction data from MINT and DIP; functional domain information from Pfam; protein fingerprints from PRINTS; protein family and family-specific signatures from InterPro; structure data from PDB; mutation data from PMD; BLAST homology data from NCBI NR; and proteins found to be related based on LocusLink and SWISS-PROT references and sequence and taxonomy data.
  • mitochondria
  • mitochondrion
  • mitochondrial proteome
  • mitochondrial proteins
  • human mitochondrion
  • protein localization
  • mitochondrial protein annotations
  • mitochondrial protein domains
  • protein interactions
  • protein-protein interactions
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