CleanEx -- A Database of Heterogeneous Gene Expression Data Based on A Consistent Gene Nomenclature

What you can do:
Retrieve public gene expression data via unique gene names.
  • It represents heterogeneous expression data produced by different technologies in a way that facilitates joint analysis and cross-data set comparisons.
  • The central part of CleanEx is a weekly built gene index containing cross-references to all public expression data already incorporated into the system.
  • The expression target database of CleanEx provides gene mapping and quality control information for various types of experimental resource, such as cDNA clones or Affymetrix probe sets.
  • gene expression
  • Affymetrix probe
  • cDNA clones
  • Affymetrix probes
  • tag-to-clone match
  • gene mapping
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: CleanEx
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