The PEPR GeneChip Data Warehouse

What you can do:
Search for expression profile data containing over one thousand Canis domestica, Homo sapiens, Mus musculus and Rattus norvegicus Affymetrix GeneChip expression profiles.
  • The Oracle-based PEPR data warehouse includes a novel time series query analysis tool (SGQT), enabling dynamic generation of graphs and spreadsheets showing the action of any transcript of interest over time.
  • This data warehouse and associated analysis tools provides access to multidimensional microarray data through web-based interfaces, both for download of all types of raw data for independent analysis, and also for straightforward gene-based queries.
  • Registration (free) is required for accessing the database.
  • human microarray data
  • mouse microarray data
  • rat microarray data
  • Canis domestica microarray data
  • microarray data analysis tool
  • Affymetrix GeneChip data
  • microarray data warehouse
  • gene expression data warehouse
  • global gene expression
  • Expression Profiling Resource
  • oligo microarray data warehouse
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