SNPbox -- Web-based High-throughput Primer Design from Gene to Genome

What you can do:
Automatically design PCR primers for large-scale amplification and sequencing projects aimed at constructing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) maps.
  • Based on Primer3 algorithm, SNPbox can be used for genomic sequences up to 200 kb.
  • The server also hosts the data of SNPbox analysis of all Ensembl exons.
  • The data of this genome-wide SNPbox application can be visualized in Ensembl's ContigView through a DAS (Distributed Annotation System) annotation server.
  • For its 2005 release, SNPbox automates and standardizes the generation of PCR primers and is used in the strategy for constructing single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) maps.
  • Primer conditions were chosen such that PCR amplifications are uniform for each PCR amplicon facilitating the use of high-throughput genetic platforms.
  • SNPbox can also be used for the design of primer sets for mutation analysis, STR marker genotyping and microarray oligo design.
  • PCR primers
  • PCR primer design tool
  • SNP genotyping primer design tool
  • mutation analysis primers
  • microarray oligo design tool
  • Short Tandem Repeat markers (STR) design tool
Literature & Tutorials:
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