The PredictProtein server

What you can do:
Predict protein structure and function based on protein sequence.
  • Users submit protein sequences or alignments; PredictProtein returns multiple sequence alignments, PROSITE sequence motifs, low-complexity regions (SEG), nuclear localization signals, regions lacking regular structure (NORS) and predictions of secondary structure, solvent accessibility, globular regions, transmembrane helices, coiled-coil regions, structural switch regions, disulfide-bonds, sub-cellular localization and functional annotations.
  • Upon request fold recognition by prediction-based threading, CHOP domain assignments, predictions of transmembrane strands and inter-residue contacts are also available.
  • protein structure prediction
  • protein function prediction
  • protein domains
  • protein sequence analysis tool
  • protein structure analysis tool
  • protein annotations
  • protein multiple sequences alignment tool
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: PredictProtein
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