MyHits -- An Interactive Resource for Analyzing Protein Sequences

What you can do:
An integrated service dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences.
  • An extension of the Hits database allowing registered users to manage protein sequences and motifs.
  • Since its first description in 2004, both the user interface and the back end of the server were improved.
  • A number of tools (e.g. MAFFT, Jacop, Dotlet, Jalview, ESTScan) were added or updated to improve the usability of the service.
  • The MySQL schema and its associated API were revamped and the database engine (HitKeeper) was separated from the web interface.
  • protein annotations
  • protein domains
  • protein structures
  • protein sequence alignments
  • multiple sequence alignment
  • splice variants
  • protein domain annotation
This record last updated: 05-27-2008
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