GPCRpred -- An SVM-based Method for Prediction of Families and Subfamilies of G-protein Coupled Receptors

What you can do:
Predict families and subfamilies of GPCRs from the dipeptide composition of proteins.
  • The method classified GPCRs and non-GPCRs with an accuracy of 99.5% when evaluated using 5-fold cross-validation.
  • The method is further able to predict five major classes or families of GPCRs with an overall Matthew's correlation coefficient (MCC) and accuracy of 0.81 and 97.5% respectively.
  • In recognizing the subfamilies of the rhodopsin-like family, the method achieved an average MCC and accuracy of 0.97 and 97.3% respectively.
  • The method achieved overall accuracy of 91.3% and 96.4% at family and subfamily level respectively when evaluated on an independent/blind dataset of 650 GPCRs.
  • G-protein coupled receptors
  • GPCRs
  • GPCR prediction tool
  • membrane proteins
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PubMed Link: GPCRpred
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