SDPpred -- A Tool for Prediction of Amino Acid Residues that Determine Differences in Functional Specificity of Homologous Proteins

What you can do:
Predict residues in protein sequences that determine the proteins' functional specificity.
  • It is designed for analysis of protein families whose members have biochemically similar but not identical interaction partners (e.g. different substrates for a family of transporters).
  • SDPpred predicts residues that could be responsible for the proteins' choice of their correct interaction partners.
  • The input of SDPpred is a multiple alignment of a protein family divided into a number of specificity groups, within which the interaction partner is believed to be the same.
  • SDPpred does not require information about the secondary or three-dimensional structure of proteins. It produces a set of the alignment positions (specificity determining positions) that determine differences in functional specificity.
  • functional specificity
  • catalytic sites
  • Specificity-Determining Positions
  • protein sequence alignments
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: SDPpred
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