IMGT/V-QUEST -- Immunoglobulin and T Cell Receptor Vx96J and Vx96Dx96J Rearrangement Analysis

What you can do:
A highly customized and integrated system for IG and TR standardized V-J and V-D-J sequence analysis.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST identifies the variable (V), diversity (D) and joining (J) genes and alleles by alignment with the germline IG and TR gene and allele sequences of the IMGT reference directory.
  • New functionalities were added through a complete rewrite in Java.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST analyses batches of sequences (up to 50) in a single run.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST describes the V-REGION mutations and identifies the hot spot positions in the closest germline V gene.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST can detect insertions and deletions in the submitted sequences by reference to the IMGT unique numbering.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST integrates IMGT/JunctionAnalysis for a detailed analysis of the V-J and V-D-J junctions, and IMGT/Automat for a full V-J- and V-D-J-REGION annotation.
  • IMGT/V-QUEST displays, in 'Detailed view', the results and alignments for each submitted sequence individually and, in 'Synthesis view', the alignments of the sequences that, in a given run, express the same V gene and allele.
  • The 'Advanced parameters' allow to modify default parameters used by IMGT/V-QUEST and IMGT/JunctionAnalysis according to the users' interest.
  • immunoglobulin
  • IG
  • T cell receptors
  • TR
  • V-J junctions
  • V-D-J junctions
  • IG rearranged sequences
  • V genes
  • D genes
  • J genes
  • Gene Rearrangement
  • Immunoglobulin Variable Region
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