ProbeLynx -- A tool for updating the association of microarray probes to genes

What you can do:
Assess microarray probe specificity and annotation based on latest releases of genomic sequence data and gene prediction.
  • It uses current genomic sequence information to re-examine microarray probe specificity and provide annotation updates relevant to determining which gene(s) and transcript(s) are associated with a given probe.
  • Probe sequences (either oligonucleotide- or cDNA-based) are uploaded in FASTA format and the results returned as a tab-delimited flat file for insertion into a spreadsheet application or database management system for further analysis.
  • ProbeLynx has been initially developed to focus on arrays derived from human, mouse, chicken and bovine genomes, but may be expanded to handle other genomic datasets.
  • microarray tool
  • microarray probes
  • probe design
  • human microarray
  • mouse microarray
  • chicken microarray
  • bovine microarray
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: ProbeLynx
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