PDBSiteScan -- A program for searching for active, binding and posttranslational modification sites in the 3D structures of proteins

What you can do:
Search 3D protein fragments similar in structure to known active, binding and posttranslational modification sites.
  • The collection of known sites (PDBSite) was set up by automated processing of the PDB database using the data on site localization in the SITE field.
  • Additionally, proteinx96protein interaction sites were generated by analysis of atom coordinates in heterocomplexes.
  • The total number of collected sites was more than 8100, assigned to more than 80 functional groups.
  • PDBSiteScan provides automated search of the 3D protein fragments whose maximum distance mismatch (MDM) between N, C and C atoms in a fragment and a functional site is not larger than the MDM threshold defined by the user.
  • PDBSiteScan requires perfect matching of amino acids. PDBSiteScan enables recognition of functional sites in tertiary structures of proteins and allows proteins with functional information to be annotated.
  • protein structures
  • protein 3D structures
  • protein active sites
  • Posttranslational modification sites
  • Metal binding sites
  • Inorganic nonmetal binding sites
  • Organic ligand binding sites
  • drug binding sites
  • Protein binding sites
  • DNA-binding sites
  • protein functional sites
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: PDBSiteScan
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