iMOTdb -- a comprehensive collection of spatially interacting motifs in proteins

What you can do:
Automatically identify spatially interacting motifs among distantly related proteins sharing similar folds and possessing common ancestral lineage.
  • iMOTdb is a database of spatially interacting motifs in single protein structures as well as those among distantly related protein structures that belong to a superfamily.
  • Spatial interactions amongst conserved motifs are automatically measured using sequence similarity scores and distance calculations. Interactions between pairs of conserved motifs are described in the form of pseudoenergies.
  • The current release (2006) of iMOTdb database provides information for 854,488 motifs corresponding to 60,849 protein structural domains and 22,648 protein structural entries.
  • protein structures
  • protein structure modeling
  • protein folds
  • protein motifs
  • conserved protein motifs
  • protein homology analysis
This record last updated: 01-30-2006
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