ASAP -- the Alternative Splicing Annotation Project

What you can do:
Access and mine enormous alternative splicing information.
  • ASAP is based on genome-wide analyses of alternative splicing in human (30793 alternative splice relationships found as of 2003) from detailed alignment of expressed sequences onto the genomic sequence.
  • ASAP provides precise gene exonx96intron structure, alternative splicing, tissue specificity of alternative splice forms, and protein isoform sequences resulting from alternative splicing.
  • It can help biologists design probe sequences for distinguishing specific mRNA isoforms.
  • ASAP is intended to be a community resource for collaborative annotation of alternative splice forms, their regulation, and biological functions.
  • alternative splicing
  • human genome
  • exons
  • introns
  • exon-intron structures
  • alternative splice forms
  • protein isoforms
  • mRNA isoforms
  • mRNA splicing
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: ASAP
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