spliceNest -- Visualizing Splicing of Genes from EST Data

What you can do:
Search for computationally predicted human gene structure and splice variants derived from human mRNAs and ETS.
  • spliceNest is a web based graphical tool to explore gene structure, including alternative splicing, based on a mapping on the EST consensus sequences (contigs) from GeneNest to the complete human genome.
  • SpliceNest is integrated with GeneNest and the SYSTERS protein sequence cluster set in one framework, permitting an overall exploration of the whole sequence space covering protein, mRNA and EST sequences, as well as genomic DNA.
  • human alternative splicing
  • ESTs mapping
  • expressed sequence tags
  • gene structures
  • human splice variants
  • human gene splicing
  • human mRNA splicing
  • human mRNA isoforms
  • tissue-specific alternative splicing
Literature & Tutorials:
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