ASPD (Artificially Selected Proteins/Peptides Database) -- A database of proteins and peptides evolved in vitro

What you can do:
Search for information on full-length proteins, protein domains and peptides that were obtained through in vitro directed evolution processes.
  • The ASPD database contains data on 195 selection experiments, which were described in 112 original papers (as of 2004).
  • For each experiment, information on following subjects is given: the target for binding; the protein or peptide which serves as the template for library construction and the native protein which binds the target; aligned sequences of proteins or peptides retrieved through in vitro evolution and relevant native or constructed sequences; the number of rounds of selection/amplification; and the number of occurrences of clones with each sequence.
  • It allows for simple queries using the names and keywords. It is also possible to use complex queries by means of the SRS system.
  • There is a BLAST search tool against the ASPD for looking directly for homologous sequences.
  • Research tools of the ASPD allow the analysis of pairwise correlations in the sequences of proteins and peptides selected against one target.
  • in vitro evolution
  • artificially selected proteins
  • artificially selected peptides
  • phage display
Literature & Tutorials:
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