ArrayExpress -- A public repository for microarray gene expression data at the EBI

What you can do:
Submit or search annotated microarray data.
  • ArrayExpress uses the annotation standard Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME) and the associated XML data exchange format Microarray Gene Expression Markup Language (MAGE-ML).
  • The ArrayExpress infrastructure consists of the database itself, data submissions in MAGE-ML format or via an online submission tool MIAMExpress, online database query interface, and the Expression Profiler online analysis tool.
  • ArrayExpress accepts three types of submission, arrays, experiments and protocols, each of these is assigned an accession number.
  • The database can be queried on parameters such as author, laboratory, organism, experiment or array types.
  • 2007 update:
  • ArrayExpress is a rapidly growing database, currently it contains data from >50,000 hybridizations and >1,500,000 individual expression profiles.
  • 2009 update:
  • The Repository contains data from over 6000 experiments comprising approximately 200,000 assays, and the database doubles in size every 15 months.
  • The majority of the data are array based, but other data types are included, most recently-ultra high-throughput sequencing transcriptomics and epigenetic data.
  • The Warehouse and Atlas allow users to query for differentially expressed genes by gene names and properties, experimental conditions and sample properties, or a combination of both.
  • microarray data warehouse
  • global gene expression analysis
  • microarray data annotations
  • gene expression profile
  • sequencing transcriptomics
  • epigenetic
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