GOBASE -- A database of mitochondrial and chloroplast information

What you can do:
Search for gene sequence, RNA secondary structure and biochemical and taxonomic information about organelles.
  • GOBASE is a taxonomically broad organelle genome database that organizes and integrates diverse data related to mitochondria and chloroplasts.
  • GOBASE contains 429 complete organelle genomes as of 2004.
  • The ability to examine a large number of genomes of the same type permits investigation of genome evolution and identification of complex gene rearrangements and their roles in evolutionary divergence and speciation.
  • organelle genomes
  • organelle genomic data warehouse
  • organelle data warehouse
  • chloroplast genomes
  • mitochondria genomes
  • mitochondrion
  • introns
  • exons
  • RNA structures
  • RNA editing
  • organelle phylogeny
  • phylogenetic study
  • mitochondria metabolic pathways
  • chloroplast metabolic pathways
  • Genetic maps
  • physical maps
  • comparative genomics
  • Rickettsia prowazekii genome
  • genome evolution
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