OGRe -- A relational database for comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes

What you can do:
Search for mitochondrial genes from complete mitochondrial genome sequences for over 473 Metazoan species (2004).
  • OGRe provides a resource for the comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes at several levels.
  • At the sequence level, OGRe allows the retrieval of any selected set of mitochondrial genes from any selected set of species. Species are classified using a taxonomic system that allows easy selection of related groups of species. Sequence alignments are also available for some species.
  • At the level of individual nucleotides, the system contains information on base frequencies and codon usage frequencies that can be compared between organisms.
  • At the level of whole genomes, OGRe provides several ways of visualizing information on gene order. Diagrams illustrating the genome arrangement can be generated for any selected set of species automatically from the information in the database.
  • Searches can be done based on gene arrangement to find sets of species that have the same order as one another. Diagrams for pairwise comparison of species can be produced that show the positions of break-points in the gene order and use color to highlight the sections of the genome that have moved.
  • mitochondrial genes
  • mitochondrial genomes
  • mitochondrial genomic data warehouse
  • organellar genomes
  • mitochondria
  • mitochondrion
  • codon usage
  • mitochondrial sequence alignments
  • genome arrangement
  • comparative genomics
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