PEDANT -- Protein Extraction, Description and ANalysis Tool

What you can do:
Conduct genome wide functional and structural analysis.
  • The PEDANT genome database provides exhaustive annotation of nearly 3000 publicly available eukaryotic, eubacterial, archaeal and viral genomes with more than 4.5 million proteins by a broad set of bioinformatics algorithms.
  • All completely sequenced genomes from the NCBI's Reference Sequence collection (RefSeq) are covered.
  • The PEDANT processing pipeline has been sped up by an order of magnitude through the utilization of precalculated similarity information stored in the similarity matrix of proteins (SIMAP) database, making it possible to process newly sequenced genomes immediately as they become available.
  • comparative genomics
  • functional genomics
  • plant genomes
  • microbial genomes
  • bacterial genomes
  • eukaryotic genomes
  • prokaryotic genomes
  • virus genomes
  • archaeal genomes
  • protein predictions
  • protein motifs
  • protein structures
  • transmembrane domains
  • non-globular domains
  • protein-protein interactions
  • genome comparison tool
  • gene annotation
  • genome annotation
  • protein analysis tool
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