The Nuclear Protein Database (NPD) -- Sub-nuclear localization and functional annotation of the nuclear proteome

What you can do:
Search for information on proteins that are localized to the nucleus of vertebrate cells.
  • The Nuclear Protein Database (NPD) is a curated database that contains information on more than 1300 vertebrate proteins that are thought, or are known, to localize to the cell nucleus.
  • Each entry is annotated with information on predicted protein size and isoelectric point, as well as any repeats, motifs or domains within the protein sequence.
  • In addition, information on the sub-nuclear localization of each protein is provided and the biological and molecular functions are described using Gene Ontology (GO) terms. The database is searchable by keyword, protein name, sub-nuclear compartment and protein domain/motif.
  • vertebrate nucleus
  • nuclear proteins
  • nuclear protein data warehouse
  • nuclear proteome
  • protein localizations
  • sub-nuclear localization
  • subcellular localization
  • protein domains
  • protein motif
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