ProtoNet -- Hierarchical classification of the protein space

What you can do:
Classify proteins using automatic hierarchical clustering of the SWISS-PROT protein database.
  • ProtoNet provides navigation tools for monitoring the clustering process with a vertical and horizontal view.
  • The clustering is based on an all-against-all BLAST similarity search. The similarities' E-score is used to perform a continuous bottom-up clustering process by applying alternative rules for merging clusters.
  • The outcome of this clustering process is a classification of the input proteins into a hierarchy of clusters of varying degrees of granularity. Each cluster at any level of the hierarchy is assigned with a statistical index, indicating the level of purity based on biological keywords such as those provided by SWISS-PROT and InterPro.
  • ProtoNet can be used for function prediction, for defining superfamilies and subfamilies and for large-scale protein annotation purposes.
  • The article on 2005 update of ProtoNet 4.0 can be found here: ProtoNet 4.0
  • protein classifications
  • protein classification tool
  • protein clustering
  • protein function predictions
  • protein annotations
  • protein family prediction
Literature & Tutorials:
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