SDAP -- Database and computational tools for allergenic proteins

What you can do:
Perform structural studies of allergenic proteins related to allergens and characterization of their epitopes.
  • SDAP provides rapid, cross-referenced access to the sequences, structures and IgE epitopes of allergenic proteins.
  • The database contains information about the allergen name, source, sequence, structure, IgE epitopes and literature references and easy links to the major protein and literature on-line servers.
  • The computational component in SDAP uses an original algorithm based on conserved properties of amino acid side chains to identify regions of known allergens similar to user-supplied peptides or selected from the SDAP database of IgE epitopes.
  • This and other bioinformatics tools can be used to rapidly determine potential cross-reactivities between allergens and to screen novel proteins for the presence of IgE epitopes they may share with known allergens.
  • As of 2004, SDAP contains 737 allergens and isoallergens, 829 protein sequences, 22 IgE and IgG epitopes.
  • allergenic proteins
  • allergenic protein data warehouse
  • allergenic protein portal
  • allergens
  • isoallergens
  • epitopes
  • IgE epitopes
  • IgG epitopes
  • allergenic protein structures
Literature & Tutorials:
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