The TIGRFAMs database of protein families

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Search for curated information of protein families based on Hidden Markov Models.
  • TIGRFAMs is a collection of manually curated protein families consisting of hidden Markov models (HMMs), multiple sequence alignments, commentary, Gene Ontology (GO) assignments, literature references and pointers to related TIGRFAMs, Pfam and InterPro models.
  • TIGRFAMs contains models of full-length proteins and shorter regions at the levels of superfamilies, subfamilies and equivalogs (sets of homologous proteins conserved with respect to function since their last common ancestor).
  • TIGRFAMs is thus complementary to Pfam, whose models typically achieve broad coverage across distant homologs but end at the boundaries of conserved structural domains.
  • The database currently contains over 2250 protein families.
  • 2007 update:
  • The Genome Properties system contains a queriable set of metabolic reconstructions, genome metrics and extractions of information from the scientific literature.
  • The Genome Properties system is particularly useful as a generator of phylogenetic profiles, through which new protein family functions may be discovered.
  • protein structures
  • protein families
  • protein superfamilies
  • protein domains
  • protein homologs
  • protein sequence alignments
  • prokaryotic genome annotation
  • prokaryotic genomes
  • prokaryotic comparative genomics
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