Active Sequences Collection (ASC) database -- A new tool to assign functions to protein sequences

What you can do:
Search for short active protein sequences with demonstrated biological activities.
  • The current release (Spring 2004) includes seven databases:
  • AIRS is a database of Auto Immune Related Sequences (66 entries)
  • BAC is a database of Bio ACtive peptides (745 entries).
  • CHAMSE is a database of CHAMeleon SEquences (39 entries).
  • DORRS is a Database Of RGD (Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic acid) Related Sequences which collects active linear and cyclized short peptide sequences taken from literature (129 entries).
  • DVP is a database of Delivery Vector Peptides (33 entries).
  • SSP is a database of Structure-Solved Peptides (330 entries).
  • TRANSIT is a database of TRANsglutamination SITes which collects information from literature about protein amino acids substrates of the transglutaminase enzyme (103 entries).
  • Literature references for each entry are reported, as well as cross references to other databases, when available.
  • protein active sites
  • Arginine-Glycine-Aspartic motifs
  • RGD motifs
  • transglutaminase enzyme
  • transglutamination
  • Delivery Vector Peptides
Literature & Tutorials:
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