iProClass -- An integrated database of protein family, function and structure information

What you can do:
Search for integrated and comprehensive information on family relationships and structural/functional features of proteins.
  • As of 2004, it consists of 1,572,193 non-redundant PIR and SwissProt/TrEMBL proteins organized with more than 36,000 PIR superfamilies, 145,300 families, 7670 domains, 1300 motifs, 280 post-translational modification sites.
  • It provides links to over 90 biological databases of protein sequences, families, functions and pathways, proteinx96protein interactions, post-translational modifications, protein expressions, structures and structural classifications, genes and genomes, ontologies, literature and taxonomy.
  • protein families
  • protein family portal
  • protein structures
  • protein functions
  • protein annotations
  • functional genomics
  • proteomics
  • protein information portal
  • protein interactions
  • protein-protein interactions
  • post-translational modifications
  • protein modifications
  • protein domains
  • protein motifs
Literature & Tutorials:
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