PRINTS and its automatic supplement, prePRINTS -- A compendium of protein fingerprints

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  • Fingerprints can encode protein folds and functionalities more flexibly and powerfully than can single motifs, full diagnostic potency deriving from the mutual context provided by motif neighbors, and therefore may be used to assign uncharacterized sequences to known families and hence to infer tentative functions.
  • The release (version 36.0, 2003) includes 1800 fingerprints, encoding 11000 motifs, covering a range of globular and membrane proteins, modular polypeptides and so on.
  • An automatic supplement, prePRINTS, was designed to increase the coverage of the resource and reduce some of the manual burdens.
  • protein fingerprints
  • protein fingerprints data warehouse
  • protein motifs
  • globular proteins fingerprints
  • membrane proteins fingerprints
  • protein function predictions
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