The SBASE domain sequence library -- Domain architecture prediction

What you can do:
Search for protein domain sequences, structures, functions,etc.
  • SBASE is a collection of protein domain sequences and related computational tools designed to facilitate detection of domain homologies based on simple database search. As of 2003, the SBASE library of protein domain sequences contains 1052904 protein sequence segments annotated by structure, function, ligand-binding or cellular topology, clustered into over 6000 domain groups.
  • Domain identification and functional prediction are based on a comparison of BLAST search outputs with a knowledge base of biologically significant similarities extracted from known domain groups. The knowledge base is generated automatically for each domain group from the comparison of within-group (x91selfx92) and out-of-group (x91non-selfx92) similarities.
  • protein domains
  • domain structures
  • domain functions
  • protein Domain Architectures
  • protein topology
  • protein domain data warehouse
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: SBASE
PubMed Link of 2005 update of SBASE: SBASE release 12
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