PLACE -- Plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements

What you can do:
Search for documented motifs found in plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements.
  • As of 2003, over 380 motifs and their variants were extracted from published reports on genes in vascular and other plants.
  • Documents for each motif in the PLACE database contains, in addition to a motif sequence, a brief definition and description of each motif, and relevant literature with PubMed ID numbers and GenBank accession numbers where available.
  • Users can search their query sequences for cis-elements using the Signal Scan program at the web site.
  • cis-acting elements
  • plant cis elements
  • cis-acting regulatory elements
  • DNA-binding sites
  • regulatory sequences
  • plant promoters
  • promoter analysis
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: PLACE
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