MIPS -- analysis and annotation of genome information

What you can do:
Search for protein sequence-related information based on whole-genome analysis.
  • The Munich Information Center for Protein Sequences (MIPS-GSF, Neuherberg, Germany) combines automatic processing of large amounts of sequences with manual annotation of selected model genomes.
  • Our efforts are dedicated to three levels of annotation: (i) the curation of selected genomes, in particular from fungal and plant taxa (e.g. CYGD, MNCDB, MatDB), (ii) the comprehensive, consistent, automatic annotation employing exhaustive methods for the computation of sequence similarities and sequence-related attributes as well as the classification of individual sequences (SIMAP, PEDANT and FunCat) and (iii) the compilation of manually curated databases for protein interactions based on scrutinized information from the literature to serve as an accepted set of reliable annotated interaction data (MPACT, MPPI, CORUM).
  • proteome data warehouse
  • proteome portal
  • genome annotations
  • protein interactions
  • portal site
  • fungal genome
  • plant genome
  • yeast genomes
  • Neurospora crassa genome
  • human genome
  • Arabidopsis thaliana
  • rice genome
  • plant ESTs
  • mammalian proteinx96protein interactions
  • sequence similarities
  • structural genomics
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