Phospho.ELM -- a database of phosphorylation sites

What you can do:
Search for eukaryotic phosphorylation sites.
  • This resource includes data collected from published literature as well as high-throughput data sets.
  • The current release of Phospho.ELM (version 7.0, July 2007) contains 4078 phospho-protein sequences covering 12 025 phospho-serine, 2362 phospho-threonine and 2083 phospho-tyrosine sites.
  • The entries provide information about the phosphorylated proteins and the exact position of known phosphorylated instances, the kinases responsible for the modification (where known) and links to bibliographic references.
  • The database entries have hyperlinks to easily access further information from UniProt, PubMed, SMART, ELM, MSD as well as links to the protein interaction databases MINT and STRING.
  • A new BLAST search tool, complementary to retrieval by keyword and UniProt accession number, allows users to submit a protein query (by sequence or UniProt accession) to search against the curated data set of phosphorylated peptides.
  • protein phosphorylation
  • phosphorylation sites
  • protein kinases
  • phosphorylations
  • phosphorylated proteins
  • phosphorylated peptides
  • phospho-protein sequences
  • phospho-serine
  • phospho-threonine
  • phospho-tyrosine
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