ProDom and ProDom-CG -- Tools for protein domain analysis and whole genome comparisons

What you can do:
Search and analyze protein domain families.
  • ProDom is a comprehensive set of protein domain families automatically generated from the SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL sequence databases.
  • ProDom is built based on recursive PSI-BLAST homology searches.
  • Inside each family, sequences are aligned using the Multalin program.
  • ProDom-CG is built from ProDom as an extraction of sequences derived from complete genomes.
  • Families found in ProDom-CG are thus a subset of ProDom families.
  • ProDom (release 2004) contains 237,888 domain families containing two or more individual domains.
  • protein domains
  • protein families
  • protein sequence alignments
  • protein domain analysis tool
  • protein domain portal
Literature & Tutorials:
PubMed Link: ProDom
PubMed Link of 2005 update of the database: ProDom 2005 update
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