SUPFAM x97 A database of potential protein superfamily relationships derived by comparing sequence-based and structure-based families

What you can do:
Analyze and compare homologous protein families in a multiple sequence alignment database of either known or unknown structure.
  • The present SUPFAM update (1.5) has been derived using Pfam (version 14.0), a database of sequence domains, and PALI (release 2.3) which is an alignment database of homologous proteins of known structure that is derived largely from SCOP.
  • 2385 Pfam families could be connected to PALI/SCOP families and also cluster 114 Pfam families of apparently unknown structural information into 44 potential new superfamily. 2001 (~88%) of PALI families could also be related to Pfam families.
  • protein superfamilies
  • protein families
  • protein sequence alignments
  • protein structure alignments
  • homologous protein families
  • protein domains
  • protein domain analysis tool
Literature & Tutorials:
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