BacTregulators -- A database of transcriptional regulators in prokaryotes

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Search for sequences and other information about prokaryotic transcriptional regulators.
  • The BacTregulators database currently contains data on two families of prokaryotic transcriptional regulators: AraC-XylS and TetR.
  • The proteins included in the BacTregulators database have been identified by screening 123 genomes from archaea and bacteria and the SWISS-PROT and TrEMBL databases with profiles defining each family.
  • The 2004 release of the database contains 1326 different protein sequences from the AraC-XylS family and 1487 different protein sequences from the TetR family.
  • BacTregulators database contains sequences, knowledge, experimental evidences and references.
  • transcriptional regulators
  • TFs
  • prokaryotic transcriptional regulators
  • prokaryotic transcription factors
  • prokaryotic transcription factor data warehouse
  • bacterial transcription factors
  • archaeal transcription factors
  • transcription factors
  • AraC-XylS
  • TetR
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