Histone Database

What you can do:
Search for histone fold-containing protein sequences derived from sequence-similarity searches of public databases.
  • Sequence sets are presented in redundant and non-redundant FASTA form, hotlinked to GenBank sequence files. Partial sequences are also now included in the database, which has considerably augmented its taxonomic coverage.
  • Annotated alignments of full-length non-redundant sets of sequences are now available in both web-viewable (HTML) and downloadable (PDF) formats.
  • The database also provides summaries of current information on solved histone fold structures, post-translational modifications of histones, and the human histone gene complement.
  • histones
  • histone proteins
  • histone protein data warehouse
  • histone genes
  • histone fold
  • histone fold structures
  • histone post-translational modifications
  • Human histone gene complement
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