LGICdb -- Ligand-Gated Ion Channels Database

What you can do:
Search for both nucleic acid and protein sequences of ligand-gated ion channels.
  • The database aims to provide only one entry for each gene, containing annotated nucleic acid and protein sequences.
  • The repository is carefully structured and the entries can be retrieved by various criteria.
  • In addition to the sequences, the LGICdb provides multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetic analyses and atomic coordinates when available.
  • The Ligand Gated Ion Channel Database currently contains 506 entries of ligand-activated ion channel subunits (2004).
  • Ligand Gated Ion Channels
  • ligand-gated ion channels
  • ion channels
  • ATP gated channels
  • glutamate activated cationic channels
  • cys-loop superfamily
  • ion channel phylogenetic analysis
  • transmembrane proteins
  • nicotinic receptors
  • ATP receptors
  • GABA receptors
  • glutamate ionotropic receptors
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