NMPdb -- Database of Nuclear Matrix Proteins

What you can do:
Search for published information on nuclear matrix proteins.
  • The NMP-db holds informations about the protein names, their organism and the cell-type in which NM association was observed. Also links to the respective PubMed abstracts are given in each entry.
  • Information about predictions of secondary structure, solvent accessibility, coiled-coil regions and domain-architecture, as well as the sequence, links to PDB (database of 3D-structures), molecular weight, theoretical pI, links to SWISS-2DPAGE, OMIM, PEP and many other databases are also provided.
  • The 2004 release of the database contains details of 398 NM proteins, generated through a semi-automated analysis of over 3000 scientific articles in PubMed.
  • nuclear matrix
  • NM
  • nuclear matrix proteins
  • nuclear matrix protein portal
  • nuclear matrix targeting signal
  • nuclear matrix protein domains
  • nuclear matrix protein structures
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