PSORTdb -- a protein subcellular localization database for bacteria

What you can do:
Search for information about bacterial protein subcellular localization.
  • The database contains both information determined through laboratory experimentation (ePSORTdb dataset)and computational predictions (cPSORTdb dataset).
  • The dataset of experimentally verified information (approximately 2000 proteins in the 2004 release) was manually curated and represents the largest dataset of its kind.
  • The computational dataset contains computational analyses of proteins deduced from the most recent NCBI dataset of completely sequenced genomes. Analyses are currently calculated using PSORTb, the most precise automated SCL predictor for bacterial proteins.
  • protein localizations
  • protein subcellular localizations
  • bacterial protein subcellular localizations
  • bacterial protein subcellular localization data warehouse
  • bacterial proteins
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